Friday, April 6, 2012

Bromptons Come in Many Colors...

... and now some of their bags come in colors too!

Here's a "his and hers" pair of Bromptons recently bought by a couple who have been our customers for a long time. They came in wanting bikes to carry on their boat when traveling, and the Brompton's small size and great ride fit the bill perfectly. Both bikes are the new "H-Type" (say "haytch" if you want to sound authentically British) with the extended handlebar stem, with six speed drive trains and rear racks and front carrier blocks. "Her" bike has the Brompton/Ortlieb "O-Bag" in pink and black, and "his" has the new-for-2012 Brompton/Ortlieb "Mini O-Bag" in arctic blue and black.  Both are completely waterproof and go on and off the bike in a flash.

Brompton offers about 15 different colors, and you can get any two on a bike. There are now four different handlebar configurations, four distinct drivetrain options (plus "higher" and "lower" options), and six different front bags and one rear bag. Add to all that the superlative B-Bag for carrying the bike, and the Bike Cover for those quick Metro trips, with it's own saddle bag, and you have a complete system of bikes and accessories that add up to a  terrific bicycle to take with you anywhere and everywhere. So come on in and give them a try!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inventory reduction sale in March

Look for our big inventory reduction sale in March. We've been consolidating our space here at bikes@vienna and some of the bikes that we've had here for a season or two must go. We'll be marking down bikes, accessories, and some parts during this sale. Stay tuned for more info.

New look for bikes@vienna

As you can see, we've modified our home page. We'll be posting the latest news about bikes@vienna so check back often to find out about the latest products, events, classes, and services provided by bikes@vienna.